Headlamp Assembly - 'Remove and Replace'
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December 22, 2000

At my 5K miles check-up, we took a closer look at the headlamps.
Both were experiencing the "spider-like" patterning inside the front bezel. The Audi regional rep. was there, looked at them, said, "Yea, we saw this in some A6's, go ahead, I'll authorize a replacement."
Friday, I drove to Rochester, MN to Park Place Motors for this.

Here is the New Assembly out of the box.

It's fairly large and heavy

This is at the start of removing the plastic cover panels on the front.

The Tech, Glen, had to loosten all these panels, shown here.

It may be a bit difficult to see, but he really had to dig into the wheel wells,

loosten the inner-fender panels, take off the small 'flaps'
at the bottom of the front fender, all to get at one bolt on the headlight assembly.

The new lamps are in place, and Glen is re-installing all screws, and adjusting panels.

Once all the front covers and panels were loose, the assembly went in very easily.

Here is a view from the rear, of the removed assembly.

It shows the position of all the connectors, access holes, and mounting holes.

Here are 2 shots showing the alignment process.

He had to use the VAG tool for this, as the VAG tool
then stores the code of the completed alignment process.
He had to do this separately for the Xenons and the fog lamps.

By Jeff Bipes