My TTDA install

Here is the finished results of the Schwing TTDA Air Box.

I did end up cutting a bit of the inner fender here. Sorry, I did not do any "before" shots. This is from underneath, in the wheel well.

When you remove the stock air box, you will clearly see this welded stud-bolt, and this flange sticking out. In order to get the 2-2 1/2" poly tubes through this area, I had to bend this flange back.

Here is a shot of the hose sticking out from the bottom. I bought some very heavy-duty poly hose, smooth on the inside, sprial-ribbed on the outside. I sprayed it flat black where it shows in the car.

It's simply stuck back, held in place with tie-wraps, just over the back of the intercooler.

Since I don't have the FMIC, the hoses cannot go all the way to the bottom of the car like Steve's, but this will work. there is good air flow there for both tubes. The other one goes under the headlight, and comes out on top of the inter-cooler

First Drive reaction; a bit louder intake noise, seemingly a bit better throttle response also. Most Interesting; after a quick run to warm the car up, and a few runs at 80+, I get back to the garage, pop the hood, and the twin air intake tubes are actually *cold* Air box itself is a bit warm, but there is real *cold air* getting to the box.

I love it. This is one sweet mod.

By Jeff Bipes