Adding in the LED Sidemarker Lights
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These are instructions for replacing the incandescant #194 bulb in the TT's sidemarkers with Ultra-Bright LED's
Not all people like the look of LED lights. They are not a wide-dispersing lamp. They are very directional, that is, they will produce a very bright light while looking straight at them. CAUTION: These are high brightness lamps, and you should not look directly at them from close range, like right in your face! This is true of any lamp like this.
Wait 'till you see them when it's dark!

Get a suitable piece of plastic to wedge under the sidemarker. I used a plastic putty knife, and cut back like this.

Place the edge just under the lip of the lens, on the left side of the lens, like this.

Push it in about 1/2' inch, like this. It may go in hard. Don't worry. The edge should also come away from the fender.

It should stay out like this.

You can then grab it like this, and pull it out. Pull it out at an angle, not just straight out.

The results are like this. Your tool is pushing this notch, against the rear notch in the lens back.

Pull it out from the fender. It will look like this

Pull the lens away from the rubber socket. Grab the socket with one hand, pull the lens away with the other. It will be a bit snug.

This is the old bulb, obviously. Yours should look the same.

Look at the socket. Find the brown wire that leads to the connector. Find the black mark on the side of the new LED bulb. Put that side of the bulb into the socket with the the brown wire on it. Push it in 'till it seats like this. It may go in a bit snug, it should be. The LED Bulbs are polarity sensitive. Test this now by pressing the 'Unlock' button on your remote. It should light up. If not, make sure that the legs on the LED are making contact with the socket, and that the bulbs are pressed into the socket.

In a rare case, the wiring *may* be different, and you may need to reverse the bulb in the socket. I don't think so, but you can't hurt anything if you reverse this bulb.

It should look like this.

Put the lens back on over the bulb. Find the raised wedge on the rubber socket. Line it up with the plastic wedge on the lens. You may need to wiggle it a bit to seat it. The lens should meet the rubber socket and fit tightly.

Put the lens assembly back into the fender. Look at the small notch on the right, and put that side in first, making sure the plastic notch is in the proper slot in the fender. Push it in. It may go in a bit hard, and make a 'snap' noise. That's it! Do the other side.

By Jeff Bipes