Quick Peel Spray Clear Coating Install

I have been investigating this product now since I heard about it some 2 months ago.
I purchased a 1 quart container of the QuickPeel MSDS product, and have done some test panels for 3 weeks.
Quick Peel

My Work

I have been trying different sprayers to get the best results
It peels off like the brochure says it does.
However, its harder to apply than the company says it does.
Here is a test on my OEM fascia from 2 weeks ago.

It dries to a tough, crystal clear covering, much like a thick ClearCoat. It goes on thick, and settles to form a very slick, smooth surface.

However, this product is not for the casual paint sprayer.
It needs a sprayer of at least a 1.7-1.8mm nozzle opening, one used for primer. It will not work very well with a HVLP sprayer.
You need the older style tank-below-the-gun to use this, a siphon feed tank.
It needs a higher pressure tank/compressor set at about 50 lbs.
You also need to adjust the spread pattern high, and the air output at the nozzle high.
Spraying takes some amount of finesse, as the product "ghosts" quickly. That is, the spray pattern you set down looks nice and glossy, but the residual spray around the pattern, can cause a ghosting 'over-spray' if not applied properly and I might add, quickly.
I spoke a number of times with Tim at QuickPeel, and worked with him to discover the correct spray techniques and tricks.
The product takes at least 30 min. to dry between coats, and I picked up one nasty flaw here, and managed to encapsulate a small winged bug also.

I'm no body/paint expert, but I've used various sprayers and materials on wood working projects and cars, well, for a long time.
This is not a casual product to apply.
I used *all* of the quart to do my testing and spray the front fascia. That is a *lot* of product, as a normal color spray would consume about 1/4 that amount, or less of product.
I'm not sure how well the spray can product from Girot's Garage will work.
How well does it perform?
Jury is out.
I had removed my modified front fascia, cleaned it, sanded it back down, filled in some casualties from over the winter, and shot it with a generous coat of color and Clear once again. I wanted the front perfect before the Clear protection went on.
If you use this with the bumper or other items on the car, MASK OFF the rest well, as I had sprayed some on the black plastic grill, and it's nearly impossible to get that off. It does not peel on that part. Mineral Sprits or Denatured alcohol will soften and remove it without harming the paint underneath.
I must say I'm pleased with my results, even with my flaw and tenuous beginnings.
I'm curious to see how it will stand up.
I think this stuff may be tougher than the brochure states.
It's very smooth and firm.
Tim said it may turn milky in rain or wet conditions, but it will return clear when it dries out. I don't see how any water can get *underneath* the coating, as when I had lifted it off my test mule, it was very firmly attached.
Good Luck if you try this yourself.
I hope my comments will help you decide if this is right for you.
I will be reporting usage conditions from time to time.
Oh and the bumper goes on this week.

By Jeff Bipes