PowerGasket Install on the TT
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Install date: May, 26, 2003

Here is my install details for the Power Gasket.
Thanks also to Steve Schwing for some last-minute answers to some of the removal questions .

This gasket was sourced from NewSouth Performance

Tools you will need are;

3/8 rachet drive, long extension, short extension
5 mm allen head on a 3/8 drive socket
6 mm allen head on a 3/8 drive socket
5 and 6 mm Allen Wrench, preferably the long end a "ball" end
13 mm socket, 3/8 drive
10 mm long socket, either 3/8 or 1/4"
Regular pliers, needle nose pliers, flat blade screwdriver, or other tool, like a hex end wrench to remove hose clamps.
Some sort of cleaner/degreaser, like 'Carb Cleaner'.
Wire Brush
Paper towels
'Red' RTV gasket silicone
Duct Tape

You will need to remove the Inter-Cooler Intake pipe to get at the fuel rail clamps, and especially the clip for the connector under the left end of the fuel rail

Duct tape it outta the way.
Refer to this "Screw Location" pic for reference

The fuel rail needs to be completely removed from the left end of the manifold area. You do not need to remove anything from the rail, just the whole rail assembly. Start with the 13 mm socket and remove the 2 nuts and clamps of the metal IC pipe.

Move it out of the way like this.

These next few pics here show the I/C pipe in place.

It is best to remove the I/C metal pipe before trying to remove the fuel clamps.
It's much easier.
I, of course, did not until I could not get at the spring clip for the connector.
I learned a bit the hard way. Do it first.

Use your pliers to release the 2 spring clamps on the fuel rail.

With the clamp out of the way, use the pliers to twist the hose on the metal tube, firmly but gently. This will break loose the rubber hose on the metal tube.

Some amount of gas will leak out of the tubes when you remove them, it's no big deal. I simply let it run out.

Here is the second clamp removal.

Fuel lines removed.

Use you needle-nosed pliers to reach in and find this spring clip on the plastic cover of this connector.

It will go back in place in these slots.

Now look under the black plastic clips on the fuel rail for these screws.

Refer back to the "Screw Location" pic for ref.
The plastic holders of the cable can be slightly rotated out of the way to get at the 2 - 5mm socket head cap screws here. You may need to loosen them first with the racket drive.

Remove them with the Allen Wrench.

NOTE: These screws are the same size as the manifold screws, but *shorter*.
DO NOT confuse them later with the manifold screws. Put them in separate places.

You may also need to remove the vacuum line going into the fuel Pressure Regulator at the right end of the fuel rail.

Remove these clamps, hoses, clips.

Look under the front of the manifold area, where the oil dip stick is.

Remove the dipstick, set it aside. There are 2-5 mm screws here that need to be removed.
Loosen with the 5 mm Allen socket/rachet. Use the 5 mm Allen Wrench to remove them.

Now look under the right end of the manifold for this 6 mm bolt.

Use the 6mm Allen head socke tto loosen it. I used the short adapter on the 3/8 rachet to loosen it, and remove it.

You should now be able to remove the whole fuel rail with the injectors.

Start at the left, and pull it up, it should almost 'pop' off.
Set it out of the way, on the right.
Don't worry 'bout the dirt on the rubber ports. We'll deal with that later.

Use the 10mm long socket to loosen and remove the 2 nuts at each end of the manifold.

Now use the 5mm Allen head socket to loosen all the 5 mm socket head cap screws on the manifold.

Use the 5mm Allen Head wrench to remove them.

If everything is now loose, you should be able to grab the manifiold and remove it. Again, start from the left, and be aware that you are lifting it off the 2 studs on the end of the manifold. The right end will not have as much free play as the left.

Remove the old gasket.

Stuff some pieces of paper towel in the intake slots.
Clean the intake area with 'Carb Cleaner'.
You may need to use a wire brush to scrap off some of the crud.
Just get it cleaned up as best you can.

Spread a thin layer/bead of the 'Red' RTV gasket goop/silicone stuff on the gasket.

You certainly do not need to cover every cubic centimeter.

Carefully place the gasket over the right stud, and pull it a bit on the left to get it ove r the left stud.

Replace the manifold.
Replace the 6mm bolt under the right side of the manifold *FIRST*, to align the bracket before you put the 5 mm socket head screws in the manifold in place.
Torque the manifold screws to about 20lbs, using an alternate tightening pattern.
Don't just start from one end and work out.

Lessons Learned.

Remove the charge pipe intake metal pipe first
Proper tools help
Total time was about 2 hours. Allow more if you are not real sure what you are doing.
Wear rubber gloves, or figure you will need a lot of 'Hand Cleaner'

By Jeff Bipes