Garage Door Opener Modifications and Install
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- Details -
First of all, it's a standard 3-button Sears door opener. I was looking for a place to conceal this opener, and I opened all the small plastic panels I could on the console. I finally opened the switch panel in the center console, and found there was a fair amount of room under this. I ran a separate +12V cable from the fuse box, under the center console to this area. You could tap into the door lock switch circuit, as there is +12V available there. I took apart the opener, and wired a small push button switch to the opener section. I also had to build a small converter circuit to drop the +13.5V (actual) to +3V for the opener. I wrapped them both in electrical tape, and carefully pushed them back into the space. I pushed them to the far side of the area under this set of switches. I extended the length of the antenna to the door opener itself, to compensate for concealing the door opener button. This works well.

Here is where the actual button is.

photo by jeff bipes
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By Jeff Bipes