Oil Temp Sender Install

I replaced the sender in thse next pics with this combo.

Having a friend that can mill the hole and tap it correctly..


I installed my VDO temp sender today, as my last add on for the Gauge Pak install completed Monday. My sender did not come with a 'crush' washer, but luckily I had one. The one on the OEM plug is captivated, and will not come off.

Here's the OEM plug. I don't have a pic of it off to show, you really don't need to see the washer on it.

I managed to remove the OEM plug, and mount the new one, with spilling much oil. I was prepared for the worse, but I used 2 fingers to stop the oil, as I quickly put the new sender in place. No oily hands pic, sorry

I had already run the cable through the firewall at the same point of the vac. hose. After looking where to drop this, I decided to do it right at the spot where the wire comes through the wall, near this reservoir. I bent a coat hanger straight, tape the wire to the end, and guided it down through.

It came out here underneath, on the left. I tie-wrapped it here, working it along the support piece, up to the pan.

It works great, no leaks. Temp settles in at about 200-210

By Jeff Bipes