Removal and Cleaning of the Lower Grille Pieces

There is a fairly easy way to remove those 3 lower grille pieces

This is the right side lower grille

Start by inserting a screwdrivwer into the slot at the far end, as shown

Push the driver, and move the tab to the right. This will release the end of the grille.

Like this. Once you have this part this far, it will easily pull out.

Reach inside with your hand, in the open space, and feel for the left end of the center grille, like this. See if you can 'feel' the tabs that I have indicated.

Here is a better shot of where to feel. Push them up towards the center of the grille. You will find that this grille material is fairly easy to manipulate. It's very soft and flexible, but don't over-stress the mesh!

Keep moving your hands along the top and bottom edges, and pushing these tabs. It'll pop out like this.

If you went half-way, you can grab the left edge, and sorta 'twist' it, and most, if not all of it will release.

Just keep working you hand and arm along the inside, to release the tabs as shown. OK, you may pick up a few scratches here, and it helps to have a long arm.

This is the tab on the left side, the drivers side. Pop it out

Find these tabs.

Pop it out like this.

Give it a twist, it'll move like this.

Here's the reason you need to do this!

Cleaned and 'Stoner'd' and back in place.

Details of where the 'tabs' and clips are.

Put the top of the center grille back in first, and push the bottom in. Press frimly where the tabs are, in all 3 sections, and you will hear the tabs snap back into place.

There you are! You are cleaned and detailed in an area that only the judges will look!

By Jeff Bipes