Aftermarket Head Unit Install - Audi TT Roadster
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Updated April 16, 2003

Please Note;

I no longer use this H/U, but it should guide you in your install.

- Details -

I fianlly broke down and replaced my OEM head unit. I found an Eclipse unit on eBay, that I got very cheap. I fabricated a face plate to cover up the spaces left by removing the OEM head unit. This is not as fancy as Wilson-TT's machined part, but this is what I could do with a piece of 3/16" aluminum, a metal cutting blade, and a lot of filing and sanding. I used socket head cap screws to hold the new head unit to the face plate, and square drive screws to hold the whole unit in place. It's a tight fit to get all the wiring in, but I made it.

I followed this basic schematic to wire to the existing connectors. I left them in place, simply stripping the wire going to the connector I wanted to use, and then soldered and taped the new connection. The OEM cable harness is not very long, and it is tight working on this. I did not take pictures of the actual harness work, as it was very clutttered, and not very helpful to see it. You really need to get in there yourself, follow the label here, and find the connectors to wire in a new head unit. It's really a simple connection, but it takes time.

A built-in amp in the head unit runs the front speakers. I ended up wiring in a small 2-channel power amp into this set-up also, to replace the speaker level outputs of the OEM head unit to the front speakers. The basic (No Bose Upgrade) is set up this way, I believe. The sound is much better than stock, but I know it can get better than this. The next step is to replace the rear-mounted OEM power amp with a better unit, and also replace the 4 speakers. I plan to keep the sub-woofer, as this is stock in the roadster. It's not the best, but this way I get an in-dash CD player. What good is having a better input system ,PhatBox or iPod, if the amp and speakers are not improved. you gotta put the amp in there! I need to tidy some more cables, but it slides out to give me access to all cables. I use 6 small 12V fans, two are mounted in the fabric/plastic cubby, venting out into the trunk also. It does get warm when the ambient temp. is high.



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By Jeff Bipes