Haldex Oil Change -20 K miles
September 9, 2001

I drove to my purchase dealer today for my 20K service.
My local in-town delaer wanted me to wait 4 weeks for an appointment, and this out-of-town dealer took me right away.
I have been back here 3 times for scheduled service, and they are very good.
I get unprecedented access to the service guys, and the Audi Tech. He lets me watch and photo the wholle process.
Here is a shot of the special wrench they need for removing the Haldex plug.

If you are planning to change this oil yourself, you will need to purchase a special wrench.

Get one of these

Go here to purchase this.

Haldex Wrench

This is the removed plug, with integrated filter. This whole unit is replaced.
It's about 1 1/2" dia.

Here's a shot of the wrench in place. It's tricky to get into place.

Some oil came out the top when he removed the top plug. Another drain hole is here, about 3/8" dia. drain plug, that is on abt. a 2" stud.

Here he is fitting the top plug back in place.

He used a 'gun' similar to a caulking gun, with a removable plastic screw-on tip, then the oil is squirted in from the bottom drain plug.

That was pretty much it. He did an excellent job of cleaning the car underneath also. He changed the oil and the HEPA air filter. I can't seem to get him to keep his fingerprints off the rest of the car though.

By Jeff Bipes