Front Fascia/Bumper Removal

1. Remove plastic fascia covers on top of the radiator area.

Push the center of the plastic buttons (6) in a 1/4" , not all the way through, then the whole button can come off.

If you do push the center in, it will go all the way through.

Actually, you can slip your hand underneath and catch them.

Push in the plug, pop up the ring around it, pull it out. A butter knife, or small flat blade screwdriver will help.

These are reuseable. Keep them safe.

Remove the fasica(s). Note that they are 2 pieces that sorta fit together. Don't break the fitment tabs.

2. You will now see 5 or 6 big Torx head screws (#3 in the pic), T-30's I think. (just get a decent set of Torx drivers, and try 'em all.)

Remove 'em and the metal plate.

3. Jack up the front of the car. Remove the front wheels.

Yes, both of them. Use jack stands. Do not skimp here.

4. Remove front inner-fenderliners (Lots of Torx screws), (#14,16 in the pic)T-20's. 12 (or so) screws.

Remove the rubber/vinyl "Tabs" at the front corner of the wheel well. (#15 in the pic)

There are 2 Torx screws you need to get at from underneath. (#16 in the pic)

(notice the difference here. some of these are a bot longer. They go into the thicker plastic pieces.)

A slotted screwdriver will release the big plastic screw heads, one-quarter turn. You'll see them.

There are also 2 large screws at the bottom of the front of the bumper, securing it to the flat belly pan under the engine. (#17 in the pic)

Release those.

It's not necessary to remove this plastic belly pan, but it doesn't hurt.

About 12 T-20's again here.

5. You will then need a 1/4 drive ratchet and a couple of extensions (or one long one) to remove the 4 10mm nuts (#13 in the pic) (2 per side.) that secure the bumper to the access these from inside the wheel arch.

Use a flash light to see em... You should now have the bumper free.

6. Pull it towards you. You will be pulling these 10 mm bolts out of some holes. It makes scraping noise, but don't be alarmed.

7. Disconnect your ailens and plug the hoses so you dont lose washer fluid.

Small gray plastic "U" clip will release the hose at the junction right side of car.

DO NOT loose or break this clip!

8. You now can access the rear of the OEM grille.

Its secured by plastic clips which may be brittle and break, so be careful and take your time. I broke a lot of mine.

9. Install is a reversal of the above.

Align the bolts with the holes, and push it in at those spots.

BTW-It may take some time, more than the few "Squirts" to get the water flowing back into your "aliens".

10. Don't worry.

By Jeff Bipes