Remove and Replace the Front Parking/Turn Signal bulbs

This view is of the headlight in place.

Not much room right? Ha! this is the easy one!

NOTE: Your parking light socket WILL NOT have a cable coming out of it, mine does, it's been modifed for my 'Angel eyes'.

Here is what it really looks like.

Gray cap is the fog light.

Grip or push the tabs here to the right.

You need to release this metal spring clip that holds the bulb into the socket. Push it in and up.

It will release like this.

Pull it out of the way, the end may bend a bit to get it open, no problem.

Notice how the wire goes through the clip. Remember this when you replace the bulb.

Release the electrical tab from the white nylon connector.

It may be hard to release.

Remove the bulb, by grabbing the metal back part.

Put the new bulb in place, first thread the white wire/tab through the center of the metal clip.

engage the clip back in place.

Make SURE it's engaged.

Put the gray cap back in place, tlil it clicks.

now release the parking lamp socket.

Turn it CCW 1/4 turn. This one can be a bugger. It's in HARD sometimes.

Replace the bulb, 1/4 turn in the socket.

Goes back in place the same way you took it out.

Turn signal socket will have the wires coming from it. Keep it attached, it's easier to remove the bulb socket this way.

turn it 1/4 turn CCW.

Replace the bulb by turning it 1/4 turn CCW, put the new bulb in, replace the socket.

This was easy, right?

Now try this without being able to look at it, and upside down!

That's the tricky part.

Good Luck!

By Jeff Bipes