Emergency Flasher Replacement

You cannot pry these buttons out from the front. They are in their own special plastic holder. You will see this when you get this out.

I hope you have small hands, and band-aids.

You are gonna need 'em.

You will need to completely remove the radio, and then stuff the cables back down into the space in back where the radio was, to get at the cover mentioned here.

If you don't feel at all comfortable doing this, I'd leave it for the dealer. It's a PITA.

Pull cover plate - 1 - downward using hole - 2 - , and remove cover plate from radio opening. - Unplug electrical connectors for switches in instrument panel.

- Release 6 grey retainer pins for switches by pulling lever - 3 - downward.

- Then remove switches by pushing them out toward front of vehicle (arrow) and taking them out via radio opening below.


- Installation is carried out in the reverse sequence.

Thanks to SparTTan for these pics and text.

Next, ease out the radio and gently set it down. No need to disconnect it and send it into lock-down mode.

Take out the plastic panel you see on the top of the radio slot in this picture.

It has a hole you can stick your finger in to yank it down.

It will drop down like this:

Note the piece duct tape I found at the back of the radio slot. Was this really designed this way? I wonder what the official Audi P/N is for duct tape...?

Next, pull down on this hinged plastic piece until it unsnaps. (My finger is touching it in this picture.) It takes a bit of force, but it releases all of the dash buttons.

Then you can push the relay inwards through the hole...

... until it drops down (or until you can grab it).

Unplug the defective relay.

Plug your new relay in the wiring harness, feed it back up into the hole, snap the lever back up into place (again, it takes a fair amount of force), insert the plastic plate, slide the radio back in, and you're done! Easy 10 minute job.

By Jeff Bipes