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Tech Article- Hardwiring a Valentine 1 (V1) in a TT -Long
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Posted by AnTT on 2002-09-03 07:25:10

The V1 comes complete with a hardwire install kit, but for ease of installation and to cause no permanent changes to the vehicle's wires follow this article's advice. You need a few extra parts that do NOT come with the V1 in order to easily hardwire it in your TT. It won't set you back much, Radio Shack will have everything that you need for less than $4. Here is a list of the tools needed and extra accessories to purchase.

T-25 Torx screwdriver or bit
Flathead screwdriver
Wire stripper
Wire tie or Velcro strap
Needlenose pliers or crimping pliers
1 Package of Automotive Blade-Type Fuse Taps Part # 27-1204
1 Package of Female crimp on quick connect Part # 64-4039

Take out the hardwire parts from the V1 and locate the direct power wire (it is red and will have a male spade end with an insulation cap over it). Cut the male end off of the wire and set aside.

Prepare the wire by stripping off 1/4 of an inch of insulation and twisting it. Now take the Female quick connect that you just purchased and slide the twisted wire into the female quick connect until it is all the way in (wire insulation up butted against the female connector). Slide the blue insulation piece (from the female quick connect) down the red wire to expose the metal. Crimp the metal to secure the wire and slide the blue insulation piece back over the crimped area.

You are now ready to go to the car and begin the actual installation!

Open the fuse door panel (using a flat edge screwdriver-be careful not to scratch) and slide the panel out. You will now see all of the fuses. You want to connect the V1 to a switched power source so it will go on only when the car is on and turns off when it is off! I chose to use the blower fuse which is # 24 on the fuse chart.

Using the fuse puller (see picture) pull out #24.

Take out the Fuse taps that you purchased now.

The fuse taps are ingenious and allow you connect an additional accessory to a single fuse. You simply slide the smaller end of the fuse tap over the hot side of the fuse (the left side of the fuse in the TT) and clip the tap into place.

Now you can push the fuse (using the fuse puller) back into the slot where it came from. It will be a bit more snug with the tap attached, but with a slight push it will go in. Make sure that the fuse is fully seated and that the tap is still sticking directly out

Now you can connect the direct power cord that you modified to the fuse tap.

Next you need to ground the power. The top bolt directly next to the fuse puller is grounded and works perfectly.

You need a T-25 Torx screwdriver or bit to loosen the bolt. After you loosen the bolt you slide the ground wire prong under the bolt but on top of the washer. Hold it horizontally where the prong points are facing the rear of the vehicle. While holding the wire, slowly tighten the bolt back and bend the prongs to fit between the bolt and washer.

At this point your connection to the vehicle is complete. Test the V1 by connecting the RJ-11 plug from the detector to the hardwire power adapter. Note: it should be easy to hide the V1's cable along the headliner and down the a-frame, which will lead directly to the fuse box. Turn the vehicle's ignition to the on position but there is no need to start the vehicle. The V1 should turn on and go through its self-check mode if all the connections are secure.

After the test, secure all wires neatly using either an insulated wire tie or a Velcro band.

The fuse box is recessed enough that you should be able to tuck them in without too much trouble. Take the fuse panel door and slide it gently back in between the A-frame and position over the fuse box latch holes.

Once the pins are lined up push the wires inward toward the fuses and close the fuse panel door completely by applying pressure on the area where the three pins are located.

You're done! Drive safely!

By Jeff Bipes