Front Door Panel Removal on the TT
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You start by pulling loose the rubber covers at the top of the door frame, both ends.
You don't need to completely remove them, just release them from the door lining.
There are no screws under them, or in the immediate area. You will need to remove the aluminum round cover at the bottom of the door handle, not the door latch.

You will need to remove these "dimpled covers" to get at the screw behind it.

To do this push in a small dia. nail or pick tool into the hole at the bottom of this cover. Then simply twist the cover counter-clock wise, until you hear a "click". It can make a rather loud noise, but it does come loose without breaking anything.
Notice that there are 3 tabs on the back. The smallest one goes to the bottom, when you want to replace it. Behind this cap is a Torx bolt, T-30 I think.
It's a long bolt, about 3". Remove it completely. Feel around the bottom of the door panel, and release it/pull it from the frame.
The door panel should then easily lift up from the channel at the top of the door.
You can then bring it back towards you. I assume you will be sitting/crouching immediately inside of the door, so you can grab it. You will need to release the door latch cable, and the 4 electrical connectors, to completely release the panel.
****** Make sure you get the white nylon part of the cable back in its holder when you replace the door panel, or the inside latch will not work!
****** You don't have much length on these cable to do this, so you will need to support the door panel somehow, to release all these connectors.
I found the most difficult part in replacing the rubber grommet type covers when I put it all back together. The one that was the hardest, was the one at the open end of the door, at the top of the frame. I had to use some spray silicon on the "nubs" to get them to go back into their respective holes. I had to use a lot of pressure, with some help from a small flat-blade screwdriver to accomplish this.

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By Jeff Bipes