About the TT Coupe and Roadster

Audio Modifications and Installations

How To Remove the OEM 'Concert' Head Unit

How To Remove the TT's Front Door Panels

How to Install an Aftermarket Amp and Speakers

How To Install a New Head Unit

How to Remove and Replace the sub-woofer in the TT Roadster

How to Add Dual Sub-Woofers in the TT Roadster

Auxiliary Inputs to the OEM Head Unit

A nifty iPod Holder

The pin-outs for the 13-Pin Audi changer cable.

Other Electrical Modifications and Installations

How do you Remove and Replace the Brake Light Switch?

Radiator Switch - Vehicles With A/C Pressure Switch - F129

Radiator Switch - Vehicles With High Pressure Sensor - G65

How To get at the Steering Wheel Air Bag

How To get at the Ignition Switch

How To get atand replace the Turn Signal Stalk

What bulbs are used for the Front Turn signal/Parking Light, and where do you get them?

How do you change out the Front Turn signal/Parking Light bulbs?

How do you change out the HID bulbs?

Oil Temp. Sender Install

How To Hardwire a Radar Detector

How To Do an Easier Radar Detector Install

How To Hardwire a Garage Door Opener

How To Install

a 'Bluetooth' based "Hands Free" Cell phone system in the TT"

How To Remove the Side Marker Lights

How To Remove and Replace the Emergency Flasher Button

How to do a DIY repair to the Instrument Cluster

Mechanical Modifications and Installations

How to replace the Starter

How to fix the Window Squeal in the TT windows

How to Remove and Replace the Coil Paks in a AMU-type motor

How to Replace the TT battery

How to Route the Vacuum Hose in a TT for a Boost Gauge

How to Install the TTDA air Intake Filter

How to Install the Power Gasket or Phenolic heat spacer on the intake manifold.

How to Install Bilstein Shocks and Struts

How To Install Zimmerman Cross-Drilled Rotors

with Porterfield Pads

How the Forge-Milltek Exhaust was installed

How To Install the TT Mud Flaps

How do you remove the wiper Arm? Mine is stuck

How do you remove the front fascia/bumper cover?

How is the Haldex Oil changed on the quattro?

What are "Euro" mirrors?

How To Install the German "Euro" Lower Dash

How To Modify the Cup Holder for an Arm rest

How To Modify the German-made Roadster Antenna

Other VW and Audi Antennas

How to Remove and Clean the Lower Grills

Painted Engine Covers

How to remove the reflector, fill the holes, and paint the inner headlight housing

How to Add Quick Peel Clear Spray Protection

A Modified Front License Plate Frame

Where is the ECU located?

How do you Remove and Align the Xenon Headlights?

What Aftermarket Battery Fits the TT?

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