How to modify the "Euro" German antenna mast for US Spec Roadsters

Looking at the aluminum base of the new antenna, I was able to turn out the set screw in it with an allen wrench. I then went to my local hardware store, purchased a M6x1.00 tap ($2.97), a M6x1.00 set screw, approx 1/2 long ($0.40). I drilled out the threads in the base, tapped the hole with the M6, added in the new set screw, and Voila! Ze new antenna! It simply screws right in now. Thanks PGTT for the hint. I suppose that if I looked at it hard enuf, I would have figured it out! Sorry, the pics are not the greatest. I don't know if you all really want to go through this for a $40 part.

I ordered this antenna mast from VAG Parts in the UK. Contact Martyn Franklin

By Jeff Bipes