Aftermarket Amp and Speaker Install- Audi TT Roadster
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While doing some audio work on my Roadster, I discovered something interesting.
I had been wondering where the amp was for the rear speakers, and for the sub-woofer.
I do not have the "Bose Upgrade" with the CD changer. I have known for awhile that the front speakers are powered by a small amp in the head unit.
I have seen the pictorials showing the position of the speakers in the roadster and coupe, and they have also shown where the amp is.
No one could tell me where the amp is, in the roadster. While taking apart my car, over the past few days, I made an interesting discovery.
This is the amp for the rear speakers and the sub-woofer, in the non-Bose upgrade roadster. It's on the back of the sub-woofer.

Here is the whole set-up.

It is a dual amp configuration of a Philips TDA8563Q 2x40W amp chip. There are two of these "chips inch on this board. One amp runs the sub-woof, in a dual voice-coil mode, the other, runs the two cheap-o rear speakers. These guys.

Here is the OEM Sub-woof, a real cheap 8 inch basic speaker.

I had bought a pair of MB Quart PKC-116 6.5 inch speakers, with an integrated 1 inch tweeter. These are supposed to fit the TT, but they did not tell me it was for the coupe. I had to do some fancy modifications to make them fit the roadster rear area. First I had to fabricate some brackets, to mount the speakers in the same area as the OEM's. I used an aluminum strip I found at Home Depot, and cut and bent it to make the speakers fit. Look closely here at the left and right speakers, and you can see how they are installed.

Once I got the speakers installed, and the wires routed in the back, I went to work on the grilles.

The OEM grilles are meant for the minuscule 4 inch speakers, and the grilles are set up for them. I used a cutting tool on a Dremel to route out the OEM fitting. Here it is in progress, and the completed routing.

Here is a shot of the new sub-woof, a Fosgate 8 inch model.

- Amp Details -

I wired into the OEM Head Unit harness at these points. I added in RCA jacks to the connector that represents the line-level outs from the Head Unit.

What good is having a better input system, PhatBox or iPod, if the amp and speakers are not improved.

In the Roadster, there really is only one place to put an improved amp. Here.
It is an Alpine 5-channel model.
I need to tidy some more cables, but it slides out to give me access to all cables. I use 6 small 12V fans, two are mounted in the fabric/plastic cubby, venting out into the trunk also. It does get warm when the ambient temp. is high. Closed


photos by jeff bipes
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By Jeff Bipes